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    Map Action, Click a state then filter all MSAs contained in that state. (filter on contains(x,y)?)

    Kris Erickson

      Don't know how I would go about doing this, but I've played with some of the actions and it seems like there's a way somehow to do this.  I have some American Community Survey data and I have it by Metro areas.  These metros areas sometimes cross state borders and I want to filter another sheet on the dashboard using the 'Contains' formula. 






      FirstState is used on the map and it drives the filled-in parts. FirstState, States, and MSA name exists in the MSA List table.  I want to click on NJ, and have it display all MSAs that contain the word 'NJ' in it.  Is that possible?


      If the above is not possible, is it possible for a Map action (Such as clicking on a state) to change a parameter?  I have begun to build a calculated field (which is what those Trues are) that is based off a parameter, but users would have to select it from the typical parameter selection tool.