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    Different aggregate types in summary tables

    Robert Sutter

      I have 2 metrics in a summary table. one is calculated at the group level and one is at the detail level.


      Here is an example of the raw data:


      Group A100050
      Group A100040
      Group A100030
      Group B200060
      Group B200020
      Group B200010


      If I want to use these in a summary table I need to use some type of aggregate function for metric1 to prevent duplication such as MIN, MAX or AVG. I'm always using SUM for metric2.


      Group A1000120
      Group B200090
      GRAND TOTAL3000210


      The problem is, I need the grand total to be a sum of AVG(metric1) but I can't see how to use a different aggregate type for the grand total.

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