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    How to do drill through report by passing the multiple parameters in Tableau

    Hasthi Lokaiah

      Hi Friends

      I have Tables

      Table Name        Columns

      1. 1.Channel            Channel Name, Channel ID, Video ID
      2. 2.Video                                Video Name, Video ID, Channel ID, Release Date
      3. 3.Fact                    Likes, Dislikes, Views
      4. 1.I have given relationship between channel and Video through Video ID
      5. 2.I have a line chart report (Sheet1) by placing Year(Release Date)and Likes and Dislikes are measures
      6. 3.I have another Cross Tab report(Sheet1)  containing the fields like Likes,Dislikes, Viodeo Name , Year(Release Date)
      7. 4.I have another Cross Tab report containing the fields like Likes,Dislikes, Channel Name , Year(Release Date)

      My Requirement is

      1.       If click on the likes for particular Year(Sheet1)à It has to show corresponding details like Year(Release Date) ,likes and Video Names  (Sheet2)

      2.       If I click on likes(Sheet2) à it has to show  corresponding details like Year(Release Date), likes and Channel Names  (Sheet3)

      I tried through Sheet actions , but it is passing the year only and it is not passing the corresponding metric like likes

      Can anyone provide me solution please