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    Worksheet filters do not get carried to dashboard?

    Christopher MacLean

      So I'm very new to tableau and maybe this is a simple mistake or setting that I missed in the training videos, which are a great resource actually. A little project I've been doing to practice visualizing stuff in Tableau is turning an excel spreadsheet with predicted hockey stats for the upcoming NHL season into a tableau visualization; this is to help my aunt and uncle get the edge in their fantasy NHL draft and pick the most productive players.


      As you can see in my attached worksheets I pretty much divided every player into 3 categories: offensive, defensive and goalie. In each worksheet you'll see I also made a quick filter on "position" so that defenders don't show up in the "Offensive Values" sheet, vice versa and so forth for all 3 sheets.


      Now Where I'm confused is that when I create a dashboard with these 3 sheets and start dragging the sheets into place the quick filter and the color legend for the first sheet I drag, whichever sheet that may be, does show up on the dashboard just like I want it to but the quick filters for the next two sheets do not show up on the dashboard. I know you can select the sheet on the dashboard and get the quick filter to appear but I have to change it to be in the dropdown style I want and essentially waste my time recreating the exact quick filter I already created in the worksheet. Why aren't the quick filters for my 2nd and 3rd sheets automatically showing up on the dashboard? Is it a setting in Tableau that I can change or is it just something I don't yet understand about tableau?


      Thanks for any help clearing up my confusion.


      EDIT Updated the attachments to be packaged workbooks, thanks for the heads up Shawn. I also included the excel spreadsheet my aunt and uncle sent me that contains the predicted stats and is the data source. I don't remember the fantasy point value of each stat off the top of my head but if you look at the calculated fields I created for each sheet you will see the correct multipliers in the formula. IE an assist is worth 2 fantasy points etc.


      2nd EDIT I just realized that you don't need to save each sheet as they are all included in the saved workbook so I took out two of the workbooks because they were redundant.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Christopher, I so want to help your aunt and uncle get the edge on their fantasy hockey league I'm going to offer you my full support on this project. But we're going to need to do a bit of prep work before we can get started. First, you posted 3 files none of us can open. No worries, this happens all the time. But if you want to get an answer fast, then please read this -- no offense intended, it's just meant as a shortcut to get to an answer for you, and your aunt and uncle!