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    Scheduling the refresh of a packaged workbook

    lOZ SSS

      We use tableau packaged workbooks with tableau server. All I want to do is set things up so that I can schedule the refresh of the packaged workbook on a schedule and it will refresh all of the data in that workbook.


      1) When I publish the packaged workbook to Tableau Server, does it publish the extracts too? It doesn't seem to but it does list the connections from that workbook in the data connections list. Do I need to worry about these at all or is it just an FYI list?


      2) If I schedule the packaged workbook to refresh, will it actually refresh all of the data in that workbook ?  Do I just need to worry about scheduling the update for the packaged workbook or do I need to set refresh schedule somewhere else?


      3) Assuming the answer to 2) is yes, what happens specifically with external files. When I publish a packaged workbook that sources from an external file stored on a file share (like Excel), should I select / de-select the Include external files option?  It seems like even if I de-select this it is selecting.