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    Relationship data limited to about 1 000 entries

    Chris Flikas



      I am trying to match some content between two databases and spit out some results. It seems to work but for only about 1000 of the entries.


      I have a mysql database with approximately 1600 entries, it has a relationship with an oracle database. It takes the 1600 entries, cross references them and spits out results.


      They are grouped by month and the formulas all work fine except for the fact that it only grabs the first 1000 or so entries.


      So the data from April 1st to July 31st, only till mid may appear.

      If i delete the April data it builds up till about mid june.


      I tried the exact same formula with an excel sheet instead of the mysql database and the same problem occurs. Any reason why it's limited to that number?