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    What is "Enable TLS" in Server Config 8.0

    Sam Bruce

      I recently installed Server 8.04 and my subscriptions stopped working.  I also noticed that my Backgrounder Reap extracts were running constantly.  I killed it a few times and did a start/stop and reboot. Once I even let it run for 12hrs before killing it.


      Finally I deleted all my schedules and subscriptions and started over to run one at a time.  The first one I ran I got a failure stating "Must issue a STARTTLS command first".  After a search for that turned up nothing I went back into the Server Config and saw an unchecked check box for "Enable TLS".  I can't remember if it was there before but I can't find any information about it either.


      I figured I'd give it a go and enable it.  When I restarted the server I got a email letting me know it started, I hadn't realized that these had stopped also, and now my subscriptions work.