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    Page size on Tableau Server

    Shalin Bhatt

      I am new to using the Tableau server, and uploading my visualizations there.


      I have a visualization with multiple dashboard sheets. The sheets are linked to one another using filters.

      I have a couple of questions:


      • The dashboard sheets within my visualization are of different sizes. When I upload the file to Tableau Server, each page adjusts to the a height equal to the maximum height among the different sheet. For example, if I have two sheets of height 1300 and 1000, both sheets get fixed to height 1300. The result is a white space of 300 in the shorter sheet. I have tried using both "Automatic" and exact sizes  to rectify this, but that doesn't seem to work. So how do I correct this problem?
      • Is there a way to adjust the position of the tabs on Tableau server. By default, they appear on top. Is there anyway to move them about?


      Would be very happy if someone helped me out! Thanks!



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          Matt Lutton

          Setting all of your dashboards to be the same size (I use the preset "Desktop" size), and making sure all sheets are embedded within Dashboards set to the same size (in other words, don't publish any sheets by themselves, always place them in a Dashboard container so you can set the size to an exact width/height), should rectify the first problem.


          There is no built-in ability to move the tabs.  You can either "show" or "hide" the tabs, but there is no way to move them that I know of.

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            Toby Erkson

            Why do you have inconsistent sheet sizes?

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              Shalin Bhatt

              Hi Matthew,


              Thank you for the reply. Firstly, my output has only dashboard sheets (4 dashboard sheets). I have hidden the sheets that constitute the dashboard sheets.

              I have tried adjusting the size options for the dashboard sheets. I've used Desktop but realize that often the view is inconsistent when I pass on the .twbx for offline Tableau reading to a viewer with different screen sizes/resolutions.


              The workaround to this was to fix the size of each of the dashboard Exactly, which worked pretty well for offline reading.

              The first page being a summary page is shorter in length (lesser height). The subsequent pages are more detailed and hence, longer.


              What Tableau server is doing is taking all pages to the longest size. Hence, there is a white space for the shorter page, as I had explained previously.


              Thanks for clarifying that there is indeed no option to move tabs.




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                Shalin Bhatt

                Toby Erkson


                Hi Toby,


                I have 4 dashboard sheets in my output; I have hidden all the constituent sheets that make up the dashboard sheets.

                The first dashboard sheet is a summary page, and hence shorter in length. The subsequent pages are more detailed and hence longer. I have fixed the sizes of each of the sheets Exactly instead of keeping them on Automatic.

                Hope that clarifies why the sizes are inconsistent.



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                  Toby Erkson

                  Wrong Toby Erkson account, that's my work one.  Here's my real one:



                  It's okay, must be how it falls in the search order


                  Can you give us a screen shot of the short view and the long view (as from Tableau Server, not from Desktop)?