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    Street Level Mapping

    Stuart Hill

      Hi, I'm currently evaluating Tableau under trial and a key feature I require is to have street level mapping backgrounds, e.g. google maps or bing maps, as my key data is based on long/lat values in Europe. 

      From what I have achieved so far it appears that the online maps do not go to a level of detail or zoom that I require.  The demo tms I recieved from mapfluence then same.  The best option I have encountered so far is mapsavvy but this only provide a satellite image map instead of a street/road map style.  I am looking at geosavvy but am not sure if this is provided as a WMS.


      Has anyone else encountered a similar need for map backgrounds, what other options do I have available?  All my research online today has not led me to any concrete answers or solutions.  Getting this functionality could easily rule out tableau from potential BI tool selection.


      Any help & advice gratefully recieved.

      Thanks, Stu

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