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    Table Calculation Issue


      I am new to table calculation in tableau, pls help me with correct steps.


      There are columns in a worksheet


      Part Number     Date(mm/dd/yyyy)     Unit Price     Variance Price          Variance Price(expected)

      Part1                    09/01/2013               12                                                      

      Part1                    07/05/2013               12                    0                                   0

      Part1                    03/06/2013               12                   0                                   0

      Part2                    09/03/2013                50                   38                   

      Part2                    04/03/2013                47                    -3                                  -3

      Part2                    02/09/2013                50                    3                                   3                   


      So through table calculation i am getting the output in Variance Price (coulmn no. 4), where as i expect the output as in column 5


      So , as the part number changes the table calculation should restart.


      I tried with table calculation as :

      Calculation Type: Difference From

      Calculate the diff along :  Table Down

      Display the value as diff from: Previous


      It does not let you set the restarting point.


      Pls help me with this.


      Thanks Dolly