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    if statement with string and integer

    Matthew McLaughlin

      Morning, all!


      Trying to add a calculated field that displays the value for field SRLHU if OPDSMX = 10.  In Excel, I can do this: 



      where D6 = OPDSMX and E6 = SRLHU


      I'm using tableau 8.0.3 and tried:

      if ATTR([MOROUTL0 (AMFLIB)].[OPDSMX]) = 10 then [SRLHU] end


      but I get two errors:

      1. Can't mix string and integer values
      2. Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons or results in 'if' expressions


      I've checked the fields and none show as aggregates.  I'm very new to this and am certain I am leaving out something small.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance!