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    lOZ SSS

      Is it possible to have a sparkline and a KPI (e.g. colored circle) in the same sheet that looks like this


      Have tried a bunch of ways and no luck.


      Thanks in advance

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          Matt Lutton

          I believe you'll need to use a dual axis setup. 
          Best example I know of is here: Introduction

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            lOZ SSS

            Yeah, I have seen that and it hasn't worked for me with a line sparkline.


            I think that the issue with a line sparkline is that it has a y axis. All of the examples in that workbook do not have y axes.


            Can you be more specific?  





            In the example, the author mentions that this works with Text, Shape / Circles/Squares, and or Gaant Bar / Bars

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              Matt Lutton

              Have you tried using two workbooks on a a dashboard?  I am at the conference so don't have a lot of time to look at this right now But that may be the best approach if a dual axis setup isn't going to work.


              You could also use a dynamic tooltip or title instead of a shape to display your KPI.

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