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    Grouping tiny slices of a pie chart into one "All others" slice

    Jon Daries



      I am working with a dataset from a university that has, by department, the highest degree of the faculty. The format of the data is that in one row, it will have the count of faculty from a particular university for a particular department.


      What I want to create is two things:


      One is a set of piecharts, one for each department (I'm okay if these have to be on different sheets) and in that piechart, only the top N schools get their own slice, the rest of the institutions are bundled into an "All Other" slice.


      Secondly, I'd like an accompanying table that has, by department, the top N schools, the percent of faculty who have their highest degree from that school, and then an "All Others" category with the remaining percent.


      From reading through a couple of older posts:





      I was almost able to get the table working, but I haven't made any progress with the pie charts. I have attached a workbook that includes my pie charts as they are now, with too many slices, and my table based on the examples in the earlier forum posts. It still has problems (not sure why it says "-4 others") and it doesn't display more than one department. Also, ideally i would be able to get the % of column total instead of just the counts.


      This is my first post to the forum, so please let me know if I'm asking too much. Any help is greatly appreciated!