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    Where are the diverging colors that I need?

    Chris Treadaway

      Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, but I couldn't find a way to easily do this. I have used an extraordinarily handy red-green divergence color palette in other visualizations. For whatever reason, that is not a choice for me in this heatmap view. Traffic light is the closest I can get to it.


      Is there any way to get that beautiful and super useful red-green divergence option here on this screen? Perhaps a way that doesn't involve a ton of customization?





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          Joshua Milligan



          From the screenshot it looks as though the field you have assigned to color is a numeric value -- but is the field on the marks card green or blue?  If it is blue (discrete) then you can use discrete color palettes (as shown in the screenshot).  If it is green (continuous) you can use continuous color palettes which includes the diverging palettes you likely want.


          If the field is currently blue on the marks card, try right clicking it and changing it to continuous.




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            Chris Kelly

            Is the honest answer to this question that Tableau overlooked a simple palette that shows losses in red and profits in green?    That is just silly.  I hope I am missing something basic.


            None of the sulutions I have seen to correct this are easy.   


            Thank you.