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    Dashboard Actions on Dual Axis Views

    Chad Frost

      Hello all!

      I'll attempt to explain the situation before trying to synthesize data for an example.


      I started with a dashboard 'Goals' containing a view 'Trends' of a trend line showing the percentage of overdue occurrences per day over a range of days. Currently, there is an Action in place that filters all fields on this dashboard so that when the user clicks on a particular day, it links to another dashboard 'Daily Totals' showing a vertical bar graph of the total number of overdue occurrences by department on that given day.

      I have added a data source on which I am blending on the date field to create a dual axis view in 'Trends' to also show a staffing total per day behind the overdue occurrences percentage. My previous Filter Action stopped working (it links to the Daily Totals dashboard, but view is blank).

      By limiting the fields in the Action, I was able to make the Action work if the user specifically clicks a day on the Line Graph. The Action does not work if I click on the Bar Graph.


      My Question:

      With this dual axis view, is there a way to set up the dashboard actions so the user can click on either the line graph or bar graph on the 'Goals' dashboard and still have it filter correctly to the 'Daily Totals' dashboard?