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    SSAS blank rows

    Andrew Murphy

      I investigating converting a number of SQL server tableau reports over to SSAS data source mainly because of the poor performance being experienced from the existing reports.  We have created aggregate tables (approx 200k rows) and are using live connections to implement AD based data security and  Tableau is painfully slow.


      I know that there appears to be some limitations with SSAS data source, including custom hierarchies which we can live with.  It seems that there is extra functionality for filtering cube hierarchies which is an added bonus.  


      Two issues I am trying to find workarounds to:


      1)  If I want to select a single attribute from a hierarchy for use as a filter, it appears that the only way this can be used is as the whole hierarchy with all the attributes.  Is there any way to select a single attribute?


      2) Is there any way to create a blank row for use in a tabular report?  I have tried creating a calculated measure with expressions: Null, '', and 0/0 but no joy....


      Many thanks if you can assist.




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          Brad Lynch

          1) You should be able to right click that attribute, Create Set. Then Edit Set. Select whichever members you want involved in that filter. Then Show Quick Filter. That Quick Filter now only contains the members you chose from the attribute you selected from the SSAS hierarchy. I have done this with Quarters from the Date Dimension.


          2) I would like to know how to do this one too, not sure if it's a limitation of SSAS/Tableau or what. My next thing to try is to create a blank member in the cube (a value of null) and somehow see if we can the text to be white/transparent just for that member. I don't think it's going to work.