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    Stop filters jumping between dashboards

    Luke Howard

      I have set up two dashboards. On the first is a map and scatter plot, each showing a set of shops. On the second dashboard I have a list of shops (amongst other things).


      I have a filter action set up so that when you select a bubble on the map or scatter, it filters the other, and also filters the list of shops on the second dashboard.


      At the moment, the filter 'jumps' to the second dashboard as soon as a selection is made on the map or scatter. Is there a quick way to stop Tableau doing this, so that the view stays on the first dashboard?


      Many thanks

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Luke,


          One way to get around this is to create two separate actions. One action that filters just the first dashboard. Then, a second action filter that takes place after the second worksheet on Dashboard1 has been selected to take you to Dashboard2.


          Hope this helps!



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            Luke Howard

            Hi Tracy, thanks for your response. I've tried creating two separate filters but this hasn't worked, unfortunately - Tableau still keeps jumping to show the second dashboard.


            Any more ideas?



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              Steve Martin

              Hi Luke, Best bet here would be to remove the Use as Filter Action from the dashboard and either use parameters and calculated fields (this would have the effect of filtering both charts) or where available, you could try bringing through the quick filter then binding that to "all using this datasource" this too would filter all sheets without jumping though you do loose the "use as filter ability" though this can be nearly replicated using filters and parameters

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                Daniel Vincent

                The simplest approach would be to use two different types of actions.  The first would be an action that controls the first dashboard viz's.  In order for it not to jump to the second dashboard you could use a menu action for the second action.


                Attached is the example.


                The other option is to have multi-select global filters. 

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                  Kezia Kanel



                  Was anyone able to figure this out? I am having the same issue. I am using the same data source but my visualization is in 2 dashboards. I want the filers as how it is now (Making changes to the 1st dashboard changes the view in all worksheets in the 1st dashboard and the 2nd dashboard). I just don't want it to jump from 1st to 2nd. I tried the 2 action filters and looked at example above but I don't see the filters in effect for the 2nd dashboard in this example.


                  Any suggestion is much appreciated.


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                    Daniel Vincent

                    If it wasn't clear in the attached example.  Here is the work flow in order for the selection not to jump from Dashboard 1 to Dashboard 2.


                    Dashboard 1:

                    Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.28.04 AM.png

                    Dashboard 2 (the action is set to hold last selected data points; obviously you can change this):

                    Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.28.21 AM.png

                    Dashboard 1 (multi selected data points on map filters scatter plot and does not jump to Dashboard 2):

                    Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.28.48 AM.png


                    Dashboard 2 (When you click on 'Cross Tab Dashboard from Dashboard 1 it takes you to Dashboard 2 with the selected filtered items):

                    Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.29.06 AM.png

                    Now, if this is not what you want the only other option I know of is to use a global filter based on a similar shared dimension. 

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                      I'm also looking for a solution to this.  Running a menu filter is not the same event as a selection.  I appreciate the information but that doesn't solve the issue for me.

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                        Daniel Vincent



                        What exactly are your requirements?  Could you post a twbx showing an example dashboard/sheets?

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                          The requirement is as stated - an expectation for the application to stay put instead of jumping to another dashboard upon implementing an action.  Clicking on data that updates something else in the workbook shouldn't in my opinion, demand that information be brought to focus.


                          Assume a workbook with a large data source displaying information, including employee identifiers (integer).  On another page (dashboard) sits a worksheet with profile filters excluding all data by default.  Clicking an employee number initiates one or more filter actions lining up the selected employee number.  The previously unfocused worksheet now has the identifying employee id and whatever other criteria is passed by the action. It can populate its visual. 


                          At this point the application would force me to the other page.  But my expectation would have been...


                          When the user is finished with the information in front of them, they click an icon (or tab) to move to the visual on the other dashboard.  Already filtered, the worksheet data would be displayed.

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                            Chris Gerrard

                            Sorry, James, but this is one of those areas where Tableau doesn't work the way it should.

                            Daniel's approach can provide the coarse functionality, at the cost of adding complexity and requiring the user to accommodate to the software.


                            Coupling the selection and navigation together in filter actions was an unfortunate choice when actions were implemented, and it's stayed that way since. Perhaps Tableau will fix it one day.

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                              Joe Oppelt

                              James -- Your user must have to do something to go to Dashboard-2 when he is ready.  (Icon or tab.)  Why can't you update the sheets on Dashboard-2 with that action?

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                                Frankly, I'm hindered by lack of experience.  Take the example I described.


                                Solve 1: Get the employee id from dashboard1:worksheet1 and send that as a filter to dashboard2:worksheet2 - initiated by the event of clicking an image icon as our navigation link.


                                Solve 2: User clicks on a tab or other navigation path to get to dashboard2.  This bypasses our navigation link.  At this point, dashboard2:worksheet2 doesn't have the proper information.

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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  Is the sheet on Dashboard-2 from the same data source as the one on Dashboard-1?


                                  If so, you can simply "apply to worksheet" whatever filter you are using on the sheet  on Dashboard-1.  Even if it is a filter created by an Action.


                                  To me, and Action means ACTION.  Go somewhere.  When your action from one dashboard points to another dashboard, it meas (to me) GO to that dashboard.


                                  You're right.  There is nothing to stop a user from clicking on Tableau's tabs.  I have blocked access to a dashboard if certain criteria are not met when the user gets there.  Criteria are always met if they use my navigation paths, but may not be met if they click tabs.


                                  Attached is a rudimentary example of blocking a dashboard.  It works off the value of a parameter.  If the parameter is set to 1 on dashboard 1, then when you click on the Dashboard 2 tab you can see what's there.  If the parameter is set to 2, a sheet blocks the whole dashboard.  "Click here to go back."  It simulates how this sort of thing can be done.  Of course the example is simplistic.  You would have to determine what constitutes valid criteria to see Dashboard 2, and how to capture it in a calc field.

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                                    "Apply to worksheet" isn't an option for me.  I think of actions as events..."do something".  A step to navigate would be a second action.  Tableau could modify the action dialog with a check box, giving the developer control of whether to filter or filter and focus.


                                    Thanks for the sample.  I'm sure I'll implement that trick somewhere down the road.

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