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    Drill Down


      See the attached file.

      I want to give the user an option to view the following fields when they click on a specific value/item.  For example: if they click on Diversity, I should be able to give/show the following fields either in a seprate worksheet/dashboard if the person is not 'White (Not Hispanic or Latino)'.


      1. Full Name

      2. Hire Date

      3. Job Title

      4. Organization


      Can someone let me know how to do this.




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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Sury, and Welcome to the Forum!


          You may want to simplify your data/workbook for the purposes of this forum.  When opening your workbook, there are many sheets and I'm not sure where you are wanting to do what you have asked about in your question.  I assume you mean the dashboard, but since its not the first thing I see when I open the workbook, I'm not certain.


          Also, if your data is confidential in any way, you might want to dummy it down when posting to the forum.  While most folks are friendly and reliable here, it is always a good idea.  If you're not sure how to do this, I think this thread will be helpful: http://community.tableau.com/message/213297#213297

          As for your workbook, when you say "if the person is not 'White (Not Hispanic or Latino)'", do you mean the user (or whoever is logged into the dashboard on Server)?  All of this is perfectly doable, but if you mean filtering based on who is logged in, that is one problem, while the action between dashboard/worksheet is another.

          Here are the Knowledge Base articles on creating Actions and User Filtering:

          Adding Actions to Dashboards | Tableau Software

          User Filters and Row Level Security | Tableau Software

          I know that's a lot of reading material, but its all good stuff if you're going to be using Tableau often.  Cheers!