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    Window Sum Table Calculation Help?

    Matt Lutton

      No sample workbook--I am hoping that someone can help based on my pill arrangement and the screenshot provided below.


      I assumed I would be able to get the results I was looking for on this one, as I've successfully used some simple Table Calculations when needed--but I am at a loss in terms of understanding how to address this.  I want to display the total number of credits earned by Student ABC in the last column.  In this example, the total credits for Student ABC would be 28.  I have tried setting up a WINDOW_SUM, with compute using set to Name, but this is not working.  Perhaps it needs a more complicated setup.  If you can help me address this based on my screenshot, I would greatly appreciate it.  If a workbook is needed, I can mock one up later on but its not a huge priority at this point.


      Thanks for any direction you may be able to provide on this one.  As always, I appreciate the folks who take time to look at problems on the forum!