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    User filter on parameter

    Robin Goibert

      Hi everybody,


      I want to publish my dashboard on Tableau Server, and I need to filter the right according to the user.

      I seems easy with User Filter, the problem is I need to do it on a parameter.

      Indeed, as I have a lot of different sources in my dashboard, I needed to create parameters to filter the data. (I have a calculated field which check if my dimension is equal to the parameter, I put this field as filter (= True)).

      But in fact, I do not want some of my users to change the parameter. But I also want other users to be able to change this parameter.


      In fact, if I could choose User Filter on the parameter, it would be great, but I think it is impossible.

      Do you have a mean to do that?

      I find something, if the user chooses an option forbidden for him in the parameter, it displays nothing (or a warning message), but it's not really good.


      Thank you in advance,

      Best Regards,