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    Combining different axis values in one chart

    Krystie Mak

      The end goal is to create a combination chart (line graph and bar graph).


      However, before I can create the combination chart, I need to create a simple line graph first. It has multiple measures and dimensions and they all share the same numeric unit (rate). When I pull the data into Tableau, instead of producing a single line graph, it comes out as separate line graphs per measure (see attached image). Also, the final image should have the x-axis labeled with the various rates (e.g., Email open rate, Participation rate), not "eDetail Title 1."


      Is there any way to combine the "measures" into a single Y-axis?


      The next question would be how to turn this into a combination chart. I was hoping that it could be as easy as it is on Excel (create the first chart, click a series, and change the chart type, resulting in a combination graph of bar and line graph)...


      Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated!