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    Access a parameter value based on "Display as" label in a calculated field

    Mike B

      I'm trying to set up a calculator type of feature in one of my dashboards where I've got an input parameter, and then I need to calculate a number of other values against that parameter.


      Since I'm trying to do about 30 calcs and display them all, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a float parameter with a list, and then create calculated variables that can run some math off each value.

      For example, I've created a parameter named "Weights" with type "float" and added a 4-5 items to it, so it looks like this:


      Value     Display

      1.1          People

      .07          Hours

      5.6          ToD


      I've also got a main input, that accepts a range from 1-1000 and named it "Budget".


      I think want to create a calculated variable that would do something like this:


      ([Budget]*[Weights.People] + [Budget]*[Weights.Hours]) / [Weights.ToD]


      Not sure if this is possible, as I know it isn't what parameters are probably meant for, but it would be very handy if someone know a way without creating 30 calculated variables and trying to keep track of them all.





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          Jim Wahl

          You can't use parameters that way (at least I've never seen it), but you can probably do something similar with blending.


          You're goal isn't 100% clear to me (do you want people to edit the wegiths?), but you could create these fields in an Excel (or custom SQL) data source and create a dummy blend field that is the same for all values in the main data source. Something like

          2013-08-08 18-12-41.png


          Now your formula is

          Result =

          [Budget]*[Weights].[People] + [Budget]*[Weights].[Hours] / [Budget]*[Weights].[Tod]


          If this isn't quite what you're looking for or isn't clear, maybe you could post a sample, packaged workbook.