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    Merge area graph and line graph onto the same axis

    Caleb Smith

      I'm still relatively new to Tableau but haven't been able to figure this out, nor have I been able to find any solutions online.


      Basically here's what I want to do. I'm trying to visualize processing time over a range of years. So I have a Date range, the average processing time for a given unit, and then I have the 1st and 3rd quartiles of processing time for other similar units.


      I want to make a graph that displays the interquartile range as an area, then over the top of that area I want to interpose a line graph of the average processing time for the actual unit being measured. I can't figure out how to combine an area graph and a line graph like this.


      I've attached a image of what I'm hoping to achieve. Has anyone ever done anything like this before or know how it can be done? Unfortunately I can't provide the data frame and I've had to remove some of the column names.


      Please let me know if anything is unclear and I'll do my best to clarify. I'm completely stuck.

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          Joshua Milligan

          Hi Caleb!


          Welcome to the forums!


          Since you have the processing time as well as the 1st and 3rd quartiles in your data, you may want to look into Dual Axis charts.  Here's a quick read: Dual Axes


          See the image below.  Basically, you'll use two different measures and 1) change the second to use a Dual Axis, and 2) change the mark type for each measure as desired.  The different mark types will now overlay the same pane in the visualization.


          Another thing to consider is that Tableau has the ability to show quantiles.  To enable this, right click the Y axis and then "Add Reference Line."  The distribution option will give you the ability to show the quartiles however you want.



          If you get stuck or have any additional questions you might want to consider posting a packaged workbook (using mocked up data if necessary) and I'd be happy to work through specific issues.


          Dual Axis.png