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    quick filter

    Christopher Tran

              map filtering and show quick filter:


      I allow user to select multiple counties on a map and use
      these county selections as a filter for multiple sheets on my dashboard. I also
      use a Show Quick Filter tab to add Multiple Values (Dropdown) ListBox. When I
      use Multiple Values (Dropdown) ListBox to select multiple counties, it shows my
      county selections on the map. It greys out any unselect counties. It works
      perfect but it is not the other way. If I select multiple counties on the map;
      Multiple Values (Dropdown) ListBox still shows all the counties that I have in
      my datasource. I would like to uncheck any unselected counties on Multiple
      Values (Dropdown) ListBox and show only the county selections every time when I select counties on my map. How can
      I make my ListBox to recognize any chance in my map sheet. I already had all
      sheets to use “All Using This Data Source.”


      I include the sample data. You will know what my issue is when you select multiple countries on my map. The chart sheet reflect the change in my map selection but my county listbox still show check mark for all counties in my county listbox

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          Christopher Tran

                       Dear Lutton:

                       I already post my sample workbook. Would you please take a look and give me some suggestion? Thanks

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            Matt Lutton

            The sample workbook was not there originally, from what I remember.


            The quick filter and what you select on the map are not really the same thing, so I'm not sure what you are trying to do is possible.  The filter just filters the data available in the view, and determines what counties can be shown on the map--the filter list has nothing to do with what counties someone clicks on in the map itself.  Actions and filters are treated separately, as far as I know (and I'm not an expert so maybe someone else can better answer your question).


            If you are saying you want the filter selection on the right to update based on what is clicked on in the map itself, I don't think it is possible--but I could be wrong.  Again, I'm fairly new to Tableau myself.


            I do understand why you'd want to do this.  But--why not just eliminate the filter selection on the right, and use only the map for filtering?  Is there a reason to show the filter list in the first place?  Just thinking out loud.  If it were me, I would just explain to my users that the list on the right doesn't reflect choices made in the map itself.

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              Christopher Tran

                        Thanks you very much.