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    When I refresh my data, I receive error messages and Tableau deletes "bin" dimensions that were created in Tableau.


      First let me say that I've been teaching myself Tableau and I could not have done it without these forums! Thanks so much for all of your expertise.


      Ok, here's my issue: I have created a bunch of histograms in Tableau (like the one below). Using the example below, when I went to create a graph for Element1a, Tableau created Element1a (bin). I'm pretty sure I didn't instruct Tableau to do so, it just happened. But I did go in and edit the aliases in Element 1a (bin) to give the labels along the x axis (the original measure had values of 1-5). Anyway, it gave me the graph illustrated below. Other relevant information - I have done this for 30 elements so going back into each one manually is time consuming.


      I just had to delete 10 cases from my data source, so I wanted to refresh my data. When I did I received an error message, and additional detail revealed that the error is related to all of these "bin" dimensions that were created (the error message is also below). When I allow the refresh to go through, all of the "bin" dimensions are deleted--which completely scraps all of my histograms. I'm assuming this is because the "bin" variables are not in my original data source.


      So--is there a way to tell Tableau to keep all of the "bin" dimensions that it created, while also refreshing my data to accurately reflect that those 10 cases are no longer included? And to keep this from happening again--is there an easier way to create a histogram so this issue doesn't come up again?


      My apologies for not including the actual Tableau file--I'm using confidential school district data.


      Thanks in advance for your help!!



      element pic.PNG.png