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    An error occured validating the customer SQL coonection - any help please.

    Gavin Heneghan

      Hi all,


      I am using Desktop version 7.0.14


      I have been using it for pretty much a month with any big issues.  However today while trying to work with a large excel file (230MB) > 900K lines of data, i receive this error :


      Database error 0x80004005: Unexpected error from external database driver (1).

      The table "combined$" does not exist.
      Unable to connect to the Microsoft Excel file "C:\Users\henegg\Desktop\combined.xlsx". Check that you have access privileges for the requested file and that it is not open in another application.


      I created the excel so shouldn't be an access privileges issue.


      I am getting this error right at the start when I connect to the excel data.


      Any help would be much appreciated.