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    How do I select possible entries from multiple columns?

    Doug Kuhlman

      How do I check if a value is present in one of multiple columns? Consider this situation -- when a sale call comes in, it is assigned a "first responder", but then multiple sales individuals (up to 6) can get involved with the potential contract. I want to ensure that each person gets credit. To further complicate matters, each person can potentially show up in any column.


      I have data formatted essentially:

      - First contact date

      - Sale complete (yes/no)

      - Sale amount

      - other details

      - First salesperson

      - Second salesperson

      - Third salesperson

      - Fourth salesperson

      - Fifth salesperson

      - Sixth salesperson


      where any of third through sixth might be null or might be (none). Now I can unify those, that's not hard.


      But what I can't seem to do is to aggregate across a person, to see their total sales, total active calls, total percent of sales complete, etc. To do that, it seems I need to search across multiple columns. I can get a specific individual, via an interface, but I want to see all of them side-by-side and not do a TON of manual entry.

      I've attached a fake sample worksheet showing my difficulty. I want to be able to track "Sheila" and "Bob" and "Frank" and get something that shows, for each person, their total sales, and completed sales %, and stuff.