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    if Measure Names = [ ] and Measure values = ''  then apply Shape

    Michel Caissie

      Hi all,


      Here is what i am trying to accomplish.


      I want to display a list of Measure Names  and apply a different shape based on the Measure Values. ( Up and Down arrow based on positive and negative values).


      All examples i saw were done where the values comes from a single Dimensions but I can`t find how do it with multiple Measures.

      I was hoping to apply an index() to the Measure Names  Dimension but it do not work.


      Is there a way i could do this (without reshaping the data) and hopefully without creating a single worksheet for every Calculated Measure and bringing them in a dashboard.


      Alternate visual solutions are also welcomed.




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          Shawn Wallwork

          Michel, thanks for posting a good question and a packaged workbook!


          So what you seem to really want to do is use Measure Values/Names in a calculated field. Unfortunately this cannot currently be done. If you want to vote for the Idea (feature request) for this here's the link: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1187


          The workaround is of course reshaping your data, but you don't want to do this. You might be able to do something using a Custom SQL connect, but that's beyond me expertise. Maybe one of the other folks can help with this.



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            Michel Caissie



            In my case, i  want the user to select 2 Time ranges (Year, Quarter or Month) and compare  Success over Opportunities for the selected periods.

            The success is already a calculated field ( registered + took a trial, etc...)  and opportunities is also a calculated field ( Visits - AlreadyRegistered - AlreadyOnTrial, etc...).


            So when i wrote that i didn`t want to reshape the data, i had in mind to calculate the values in Sql before bringing them in Tableau, which is not possible because i want the user to be able to select the Time ranges.

            But after checking the  SQL thread (http://community.tableau.com/thread/127506), i went with Jonathan Drummey`s ideas  of adding a column in my query, in order to create a dimension with the names of the Measures i want to display. Since i have three Measures, i have to triple the Sql query and  Extract, but for this report i can afford it.


            But for sure the Idea is definitely a must  and I added my vote on it.