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    display aggregate per cell and table total on the same chart

    Steve Martin

      Hi All,


      I feel this should be simple but cannot work out how to do it even in Excel...


      Using Superstore Sales and assume this is pre-filtered to North American sales only:


      What I'm trying to do is combine two charts using percentage of total in one side-by-side chart, with the ability to filter just one set of bars:


      Assume two aggregated charts, both show both the % of total and the total sold for each of the subcategories (copiers/envelopes etc) however, chart 1 is filterable to State whereas chart 2 is not and remains aggregated to the average across the whole set; up to now as two separate charts this is simple but what I want is to have those bars from both charts display as a single side-by-side chart the idea being that we can see as a percentage of total sales the performance of each state against the average of all states for each sub-category dimension.


      Reference lines addressed to the cell-level cannot be used for this


      Does this make sense?