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    Hide measure names in figure but keep in Legend


      I have a figure as shown in the picture with measure names shown repeatedly. Since they are divided into subcolumns it looks bad and is a waste of space to repeat all those names many times over. It also is hard to read since it is written vertically.


      I have a Legend next to the figure to name each color once and I think that is enough.


      I want to hide the text labels (measure names) in the figure, and keep them in the Legend on the side.


      I found how to change Aliases, but this affects both the Legend and the figure.

      I also found how to change the color of the text of those labels, but this affects other labels on the figure that I do not want to hide.


      Any other suggestions?


      I'll provide a picture of how it looks now and how I want it to look (edited with gimp).


      The Category labels were added with gimp because they didnt come with the screenshot, but there are category column labels in tableau as well.