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    Interview question

    Love Tableau

      Interview question:

      If you have a workbook and a user from california should not view the book but other location users can?

      How can you achieve this?


      This is the interview question for me. Does any one know about this?

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          Allan Walker

          This can be done in a number of ways.


          If you set up a unique ID per user (base this on a login script with username and password) then pass the unique ID and location into open parameter and call the workbook from the javascript API.  This method is still security by obscurity though.


          Alternatively, you could set user permissions up in Tableau server.

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            Toby Erkson

            That's an odd interview question.  Can you ask why Californians are being subject to such prejudice?  hehehe   Uhm, don't send the workbook to the Californian, duh!


            If the answer required Allan's method then I'd fail as I don't know JavaScript...but that would require Tableau server, right?  I agree that user permissions/groups would be used...wait, again, that would involve server...hmmm


            You would need to know the delivery method.  If it's through server then you have more options.  If it's just a .twb/.twbx emailed to someone there's no way to know who is opening it and from where.  I'm guessing this is a question without an answer, just to see how you attack the problem.

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              Allan Walker

              Love Tableau,


              You could also reverse geocode the IP addresses, by capturing this in a webform, and then send that to another parameter.


              Best Regards,



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                Love Tableau


                He did not specified calfornia. He said some name.. I forgot .. I just remembered the context

                I specified to him that it can be done with user permissions/groups on server but not satisfied with my answer ..grrr

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Well, it doesn't sound like the interviewer gave you much to work on as your answer is certainly one correct answer out of many.  Without more details on how one determines where someone is from that can be a difficult answer.  Be sure to get the answer from this expert and share it.

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                    Allan Walker

                    Love Tableau,


                    It really depends on the interviewer's level of sophistication.  It took us a few months to realize we could do this with public/public premium and parameters; but then again "hiding" the underlying URL is quite difficult (we use a combination of coldfusion and the javascript API to inject the parameters).


                    The straight forward answer is to use Active Directory and/or CSV uploads of user lists on server, so your answer was correct.  What company were you interviewing for? (you don't have to answer, I'm just being nosy).

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                      Ankur Gupta



                      You can do this by using user filter. This can be done in three ways.


                      1) When you click on server, you will find an option create user filter and apply appropriate settings. Californian users won't be able to see the workbook.


                      2) You can write the calculated field at user level. They will be shown in sets. just drag and drop at filter shelf and it will work. In this way to user from California can't see the view or you can apply to all worksheets he won't be able to see any viz in dashboards.


                      3. While publishing the workbook, don't publish the dashboard to user from California. Everyone can access the dashboard except him/her.

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                        Madhusudhan Khambham



                        Here the key is to check from which location he is logging in?  ..we need to check the user location dynamically by using his IP address or some other thing  and check if he is logging in from California to implement the security..i don't think that's possible with Tableau Out of the Box user filter feature.


                        if you are able to implement this and have the sample workbook, please share it with us? Appreciated your time on this


                        Thanks & Regards

                        Madhu K

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