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    How to see Custom SQL in another user's published workbook without downloading the workbook

    Rick L

      Oftentimes I need to troubleshoot a workbook that another person at my company has created and published to our server. To troubleshoot, I need to see their connection details, specifically their Custom SQL, to understand what data they are using in their extract.

      Is there any way to view this connection info (specifically their SQL code) when viewing the published workbook on the server (web) version?

      I am an admin and I am able to download their workbook to my desktop version of tableau, then open it, then reconnect to the data, then look through the data connections they created, to see their SQL. But it's a really cumbersome process.

      All I'm looking to do is, when looking at a published workbook, see the data connection details so that I can see the Custom SQL, without going through the process of downloading I described above.