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    Show related responses based on filter value

    Lauren MacMillan

      Hi All,


      I'm working with survey data which shows top 2 celebrity mentions by respondentid. I'm not interested in the order in which the celebrities were listed, but would like to be able to show that respondent's that mentioned X also mentioned A, B, C, etc. I've created a parameter with a list of all actors listed, and a calculated field which evaluates whether the mentioned actor is the same actor selected in the parameter:

      IIF([Actor Parameter]=[Actor],1,0)

      This allows me to get a list of all of the respondentids that mentioned the actor, which I think is the first step, but I can't figure out how to create the next step to pull all actors that these respondents mentioned.


      I think what I would want to do in SQL is:

                     select actor from table1 where respondentid in (select respondentid where actor=actor parameter)

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!