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    Grand average




      I like to have a Grand average instead of Grand total.

      See my workboke.


      Can someone help?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Bart,


          Not sure which value you'd like to be an average, but using a calculated field similar to the following:


          IF FIRST()==0 THEN

          WINDOW_avg(sum([Percentage %]),0,IIF(FIRST()==0,LAST(),0))



          Then, create a duplicate of Maand (right click on it in the data box and select Duplicate), and place it on the level of detail shelf (as the continuous Month). Then, right click on the calculation and select Compute By...>Maand (copy).


          Hope this helps!



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            First of all thanks for your help.

            I have tried your suggest but with no results.


            i have add a package workboke. This will make it clear.

            I have one row with grand total. I like to have that row, but not Grand total but the average.