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    Notification on comments & Forgot password link

    Sagar Dhekne

      Our company has Tableau 7.0. Users often add comments for a view to a workbook on the server requesting changes. Is there any setting that can enable an email or some means of notification to be sent to the admin when anyone posts a comment to a workbook on the server? Since we have purchased the Tableau software, can we get any assistance from the Tableau company regarding this?


      Also there was a question I asked sometime back, but didn't get a response, so thought of posting it again:


      Our company has purchased the Tableau software. I am acting as the Administrator and several employees in the office have accounts which I have setup for them.


      My question is if one of the users forgets his/her password, besides contacting the Administrator and asking him to reset it, does Tableau provide any feature like a forgot password link where the users can click a link and have tableau email them a temporary password which they then change?


      Right now within the company it is fine, as everyone can contact the Admin and he can reset it for them, but if we have accounts for our clients, this method is not efficient. Any suggestions?


      Thank you,