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    Using subscribed/exported reports as data source

    Rommel Metrillo

      I have a situation I need help with.


      We have a report that shows snap shots of data per a given time frame, these snapshots will be executed via subscription and their excel output be kept on a shared drive. A need arose that these reports be used as a basis for another report to show the progression of these snapshots on a given time.


      Is there a way to do this automatically via Tableau?


      I was thinking either:


      1.) A method to dynamically include excel files in the Data Connection.

      2.) The subscription report to write (append) it's result on an existing excel file.

      3.) #2 but instead on a Access DB.


      Are those possible? If so, can you please point me to how it can be done?

      Otherwise, is there any way to accomplish the requirement via Tableau?


      Thanks in advance!