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    Bulk swap data connection

    Joe Ennever

      We're migrating our analytics database from Vertica to Redshift. Is there is a way to easily swap out all the Vertica data connections in the Tableau Server to be Redshift? I see that you can edit the connection details (host, port, user, etc.) for multiple data connections, but no option to change the connection type. All the tables will have the same name, columns, and data types.

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          Michel Caissie

          One thing you can do is to make a second connection to Redshift then go in Data - Replace Data Source,  select Vertica as Current  and Redshift as Replacement. After that you can close the Vertica connection.


          I only done it once and i still had to do some manual adjustments on the calculated field wich were still referencing to Measures from the first connection, but at least the Dimensions were correctly replaced and i didn't have to rebuild the Visual.


          I don't know if there is a better way to make the transfer more transparent...



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            Chandra Narayana

            even I tried this method when i had to change the data source and was able to do that.


            Chandra Narayana