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    Server locks Data Extract API generated .tde  - how to refresh it?


      Also posted in the normal forums, was not aware of the dev specific community:


      I am using the Data Extract API with Python to extract some data from a proprietary database and create a TDE and place it on a shared network drive. I have some published workbooks to Tableau Server that consume this file, and I have also published the connection as a datasource. I would like to update the .tde file through my python script on a scheduled basis (nightly) but when I do so the script fails because the .tde is locked (open) by some process on the Tableau server and I am unable to re-extract the file and overwrite it.

      How should I be dealing with this situation, other than using tabadmin to stop server, extract file (which can take an hour or so), and then start server again? This will take my server offline and does not seem to be a reasonable way to operate. I could not find any tabcmd that close open data connection ...


      Much thanks!