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    Toby Erkson

      Working in this custom forum environment is a struggle, especially for those who are used to the ubiquitous forum packages already out there like vBulletin, phpBB, YaBB, etc.  To help others out I've made posts, documenting what I've discovered that either isn't easy, intuitive, or obvious.  It's my hope that others here whose skills are more profecient will give their advanced tips as well -- we really don't need the obvious basics like Ctrl + C means "to copy".  Let's just make sure we include the specific browser and version it was tested on.  In know IE8 (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8) has issues.  Many issues.


      How to get a hyperlink (a.k.a. link or URL) to a specific post within a thread

      Internet Explorer 8

      Go to the specific post you want to link to and click on it's title (see image "Click_link").

      In the address box will be the URL to that post.  Copy it (see image"Copy_it").  For our example it's


      That's it!  Now you can use that URL in a post, like this example, so people can go directly there