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    How to choose wich set members to be visible in Quick Filter

    Knut Eide


      I'll try to put across an issue that I hope is rather simple to solve, but I cannot find any inbuilt solution for it at first glance.


      I've crated a set based on three of my dimension in a survey database that we're analysing. The set contains

      Gender-Region-Age. The list of "set member" (not sure if that's correct naming) displays a gross list of all possible combination of the three dimension, when I apply Quickfilter on the set.


      This gross list is far to long to present for the end user, and I want only to show selected "set membesr" (highlighted in yellow) in the Quick Filter list that is deployed in the analysis. How can I limit the number of "set members" that's shown (I know of the "exclude" feature, but it only does a strikethrough and doesn't hide the member)?


      Thanks for any hints or guidance to approach on this.