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    somewhat complicated series to calculate and graph

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      I have a much larger table similar to below. I am not sure really how to describe it other than provide an example of what I am trying to graph.  I am having trouble with the calculations and not sure how hard this is to do in Tableau and looking for help...so here it goes:



      Total Count of Blue in Jan was  77 (50+22)


      Total Count of Blue in Feb was 50 (40+10)


      Total percentage difference is  -35% (50-77)/77*100


      What I want to show in a time series type graph:


      For each name (in this case Gelato) Percentage Difference of Gelato's performance against the Total Blue sold so Feb data  point would be 15%  ( -20% - (-35%)) .  The twenty percent comes from Percentage difference on Blue Gelato's performance (40-50)/50*100=-20% and the -35% is the percentage difference of  all Blue from Feb to Jan.




      YEAR-MONTHNAMEColorTotal Count
      2012-JanIce CreamBlue22
      2012-FebIce CreamBlue10
      2012-JanIce CreamRed89
      2012-FebIce CreamRed100