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    Extending Tableau's GIS Capabilities - survey results

    Allan Walker

      Firstly, thanks to all that participated.


      You can find the results of the survey here.


      The results were garnished from my Linkedin and Twitter connections, responses were anonymised.


      Some thoughts:


      1. I'm now sure that Tableau users, both inside and outside of the USA want and need improved GIS capabilities "out-of-the-box" and have a need to visualize GIS data beyond the scope of what is provided.
      2. Over half of the respondents were not in the USA, implying that Tableau is a truly global product, with a growing global community.  It's important to note here that most countries have recognized (FIPS, ISO, NUTS) boundaries and administration levels that simply aren't currently catered for.  To address this, I've been able to prove out that importing OSM/GADM data into Tableau is not only possible, but it is also extremely effective and with open source tools, efficient.
      3. An overwhelming majority have a requirement for working with common GIS formats (e.g. raster and vector) data, and want to be able to layer this data.  I suspect this is because the default fills/maps are not of high enough resolution/fidelity, and have to resort to making custom maps*
      4. A large majority wish to leverage the (global) strength of the Tableau community to enable a crowd sourced solution
      5. An open source solution is preferredMy suspicion here is this that open source software (and data) is available to enable these requirements.

      *Example of poor fidelity "out-of-the-box" background mapping:

      Ireland, Census 2011 Shapefile, EPSG 4326 20 meter resolution (dark grey outline) with default online background map (light grey outline)


      *Example of poor fidelity "out-of-the-box" foreground layer mapping:Maine, USA, default fill (filled map mark type), EPSG 4326 with GADM Admin Level 1 Shapefile rendered using PostGIS table Shapefile in WMS


      Best Regards,