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    Feedback on the Community Site Upgrade - 5/30

    Dustin Smith

      We're really excited about the upgrades that have now been rolled out to the Community site as of 5/30.  This effort was primarily about making sure the underlying infrastructure of our platform was current as well as resolving some outstanding bugs:


      While this upgrade did not include major site design changes, there are a bunch of more subtle changes that are actually incredibly cool.  Here are a couple:


      • @ Mentions:  You can now type the '@' symbol in the middle of a message and then start typing someone's name to instantly start narrowing a list of the entire Tableau community (not just a list of the first seven people you follow anymore).



      • Improved Breadcrumb: Now you'll always have a way to navigate back to the where you came from in the Community site.  No more getting stuck somewhere and having to go all the way back to the support page.



      • Auto-save: Messages now save automatically with timestamps so that you never have to worry about losing a really good response.



      • Activity Tab: Profiles now include an activity tab that allow people to easily see the conversations you participate in.



      • Drafts:  The Content tab in your profile now includes the ability to see what things you might have in draft state



      • Improved "Ask a Question" Recommendations: The search functionality for this widget is now much more accurate meaning new users are more likely to find the answer they are looking for instead of posting duplicate questions in the forums.



      And the list goes on.  We're still stumbling over little improvements that are pretty cool, so don't be surprised to continue to find stuff for the next few days.


      We're not out of the woods though.  Anytime technology need to upgrade or change little things sometimes get wrinkled and we're definitely finding some here and there already.


      Please help us take care of these by responding to this message with things you find that are broken, annoying or you think could simply be better.  We'll upkeep an ongoing list for everyone to see and let everyone what we'll be changing fast vs/ what will need to be lumped into the next sprint.


      The following information is especially useful:

      • What is the issue?
      • What browser are you using?
      • 1-5 How severe is this in your estimation?
        • 1 = This effectively blocks me from using the Tableau Community site
        • 3 = This is pretty annoying, but I can live with it for at least 1 week
        • 5 = Mildly irritating, but should be prioritized below more critical things



      Dustin & Tracy



      Issue #IssueStatus
      1001Error when inserting imageFixed
      1002Unable to see access Ideas in Comm. CanvasFixed
      1003Auto-Title Link functionality not workingInvestigating
      1004@Mention messy click pathInvestigating
      1005Categories on Navigation resulting in Unauthorized message


      1006"Attach a file" wording with Advanced Editor missing--not obvious where to attachInvestigating
      1007Sort the @mentions based on high scores

      Technically Difficult

      1008Add Reply button is below threadInvestigating Options
      1009Multiple "Auto-saved version" messages


      1010No "Minor edit, don't notify" check box missing when editing a replyInvestigating
      1011Missing Advanced Editor with Idea replies and commentsInvestigating
      1012Easier path to Community CanvasInvestigating Options
      1013Bullet formatting popup irritating


      1014Cropping photo results in errorStill Need Repro
      1015Too much white space in email notificationsInvestigating Options/Difficult
      1016Only 1-2 'More' buttons available to click to see additional content/activity on Forums and Main pageInvestigating
      1017Remove gray overall outlines from top level spaces (Forums, Community)Fixed
      1018Make replies visible in the Forums conversation listFixed
      1019Change default for TCRL from 20 items to 500Fixed
      1020Email alerts disabled for threads where users were previously activePlanned Fix--working w Jive
      1021Disable Help Bubbles that point towards disabled/hidden featuresNot Fixing
      1022Quoting or Code formatting is fuzzy in IE8Investigating
      1023Release Notes RSS Feed out of syncInvestigating
      1024Hover preview of people and places not consistent with actual contentInvestigating
      1025Insert Image with IE8 only works in Adv. Editor if it's the very first actionInvestigating
      1026No login to reply "Either area" content - potential spammer riskPlanned Fix
      1027IE-8: icons sometimes leave a text 'artifact' when switching from grid to listInvestigating
      1028URL's from online.tableausoftware.com don't appear until after publish in the editor windowOpened ticket w Jive


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