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    How to add 2nd data source

    Ryan Johnson

      So I showed my boss a viz with all of our client activity and what salespeople were doing the best with which clients and so forth and he liked that.  But the problem, he told me, was that the clients listed were only the ones that the salespeople reached out to.  That in fact there were many more clients - who aren't in my primary data source - for each salesperson that needed to be on the report with 0 activity reported for them.  So I got the list of all the clients and their assigned salespeople and I tried to add it to my worksheet as a 2nd data source.  I edited the Relationships for the Client Name and Salesperson name to map to the Primary data source's corresponding fields.  When I went back to the report, my expected result was a "merged" client list, but it didn't work that way.  In the attached workbook, you can see clients from the 2nd source in Sheet7 and the clients from the 1st source (primary) in Sheet8.


      I just want all the clients' names from both sources in one column.  Is there any way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  There would be some de-duping to do that I could probably just do by hand in the secondary source.  (It's an Excel sheet.)


      Any tips or ideas greatly appreciated...!