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    Create custom line using two data points

    Jay Chang

      Hi - I was hoping to get some assistance from the Tableau gurus.


      I have a scatterplot of pay vs. years of service.  My users want to have a point of comparison so that they can eyeball to see if there are people who are being paid less than they should be.  I figure an easy way to do this is to create a line with 2 points:


      Point 1: (salary range minimum, 0 years of service)

      Point 2: (salary range minimum x (1+avg merit increase)^10), 10 years of service)


      My question is this:  How do I get Tableau to display the line associated with those two points?


      I've attached a picture that I've manipulated to show what my goal is.


      The 3 sets of scatters represent 3 different jobs.  The red vertical bands represent each job's min/max pay.  The circles represent individuals mapped by pay and years of service.


      In the second scatter is a blue line that simulates what I'm trying to create.


      Thanks all.