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    Haralambos Kontrafouris

      hello, I have coordinates of various locations and a number of measures to apply. Is there a way to project the location on the map just by using Longitude and latitude?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          I know T wants you to post "Newbie" questions here. But you're much better off posting your question to the main forums. You are more likely to get your question answered. Ping me and I'll attempt to help.



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            Noel Avison

            To do this you need to make a data sheet with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates and the various fields associated with them. It should look something like this if you use Excel:


            Point NameLatitudeLongitudeType Value
            Point 110100A23
            Point 220100A62
            Point 330100B12
            Point 440100B77
            Point 550100C9
            Point 660100C100

            Save this file then connect to in in tableau.


            Then you drag longitude into the column self and latitude into the rows shelf. Then drag Point Name into the detail box so each coordinate is named. It should look like this

            Sample Data Picture.jpg

            Now you can drag the other fields into color or size or whatever you want.

            Sample Data Picture.jpg


            Let me know if you have any questions. I posted the workbook if you want to take a look.

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              Haralambos Kontrafouris

              Hey, thanks

              but still have issues. You see I finally get the map view but no locations or points show up, is it perhaps the format of the coordinates? 

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                Noel Avison

                Well, coordinates have to be in the decimal form like 123.0043 or something and not in the degrees, minutes, seconds form. Can you post a sample of the coordinate data? Or if you post a packaged workbook I can better see what the problem is. Also if you coordinates aren't labeled "Latitude" and "Longitude" then you will have to manually assign them their geographic role so tableau will know what they are.

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                  Haralambos Kontrafouris

                  Actually data looks ok,  labels too pls see below,


                  NAMECurrent DWtLATITUDELONGITUDE
                  MV Abigail13.3304.60971########
                  MV Adelaide9.32540.551582-73.524294
                  MV Alyce26.50042.337898-70.881092
                  MV Amarylis9.2516.1439112.707806
                  MV Ava23.6644.2676176.986763
                  MV Bernadette9.35051.4692990.802594
                  MV Bertha9.40259.47686924.664929
                  MV Bertilde9.25159.92400730.200432
                  MV Beth9.40221.96690337.962077
                  MV Buick9.251-5.27384467.151133
                  MV Candra8.89934.223150138.922647
                  MV Cara9.40217.824264131.639120
                  MV Carolyn9.350-31.593.103112.747820
                  MV Cassandra26.5004.2676176.986763
                  MV Catherine9.25151.4692990.802594
                  MV Cicily9.48459.47686924.664929
                  MV Davina9.25159.92400730.200432
                  MV Day14.35521.96690337.962077
                  MV Delora9.251-5.27384467.151133



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                    Noel Avison

                    Try converting the longitude and latitude fields to Dimensions once they are in the Column and Row shelves.


                    Sample Data Picture.jpg

                    Also after that make sure to drag [Name] into the detail self.


                    Sample Data Picture.jpg

                    I attached the packaged workbook if you want to take a look. One change I did to the data was I changed the longitude of the first point (MV Abigail) to 0 because it was showing up as ####### when you pasted it. If you are still having trouble, save the file as a packaged workbook and post it and I'll be able to see exactly what need to do.

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                      Haralambos Kontrafouris

                      here is the file,

                      I wonder if there are any restrictions in the trial version...

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                        Noel Avison

                        I see, your latitude and longitude fields were set at a string type field, you need to convert it to number by right clicking the field then go to Change Data Type = > Number,   then Geographic Role => Latitude and Longitude then it works. Here is the workbook.

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                          Haralambos Kontrafouris

                          hmm, this exactly what I've done so far and I keep getting the same result. here is how it looks when I open the attachment you've sent. All points are projected on the edges of the y axis. So I guess there is something wrong with the formatting of the Longitudinal coordinates or with localizations (formats etc) I will check that way.


                          Thanks so much!



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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            I think your biggest problem is really 'dirty' data. I opened the Excel file in the packaged workbook you posted and here's what I see:


                            A Fine Mess.png



                            1. Your Date field is referring to other cells that don't exist in this version of the workbook
                            2. The first number in the Longitude field is 7 million (instead of 74.08?).
                            3. The biggest problem is that all your Lat/Longs are preceded by apostrophes, which is making Tableau think these are text fields.


                            Tableau is a great tool but you have to give it a fighting chance of producing a good viz by giving it reasonably clean data.


                            Now to some of your conjectures. I don't think this has anything to do with a problem with the free-trial, since the trial software is a fully-functioning install of the software. Also I doubt if the problem you are experiencing in that last screenshot you posted has anything to do with your locale setting, but I must say I have been unsuccessful at recreate that last viz you posted using the workbook you posted. Somehow you've changed all the Latitudes to zeros. (?)


                            Anyway, here's a new workbook with all the data cleaned up. What do you see when you open it?



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                              Haralambos Kontrafouris

                              Hey Shwan, it, works! thanks for your time! I know time is precious, this is why I've chosen to spend some of mine with Tableau,

                              really great tool!

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                                Shawn Wallwork

                                Whew! Glad it worked for you finally. Also glad the experience didn't sour you on the software. Most of the time it isn't this hard.





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                                  Shawn Wallwork

                                  PS: I think Noel deserves a few 'Helpful' stars, he hung in with you through several rounds.



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                                    Haralambos Kontrafouris

                                    very well said, indeed,


                                    thank you both!