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    Creating a calculated dimension

    Ryan Johnson

      I have a measure called LOI (stands for Length of Interview) that I need to represent as an axis in increments of five minutes.  Let's say I have records with the following LOIs:  1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 25.  In the first column (5 minutes) there would be three records.  In the second column (10), there would be one.  15 would have one, 20 would have zero and 25 would have one (and so on, and so on).  So the results would be a crosstab that looks like the attached.


      My question is: how do I tell T to group the LOIs by increments?  I thought about just doing a group, but the data source is dynamic and I don't want to have to constantly update the group with new values.  Any ideas?