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    Compare Min/Max of the same date field?

    Chris Tsui

      Hi There,


      This seems like a fairly easy (Logically) issue, but I can't seem to implement it in Tableau...


      My Data looks similar to (But simplified):


      PackageIDCategoryOrder Date
      1AppointmentDec 1, 2012
      1ServiceDec 8, 2012
      1ServiceDec 20, 2012


      Nov 11, 2012
      2ServiceNov 9, 2012


      Because Order date is the same field regardless of category, what I'm trying to figure out is if I can do a comparison of each date per category.


      Primarily I'd like to determine how many Packages are schedulign an appointment before service.  So I'd like to pretty much do a date diff for the Max Appointment time and the Min Service time.  Anc count how many negative numbers there are.


      I'm not entirely sure how to do this  I can get the min/max for each category, but I'm not sure how to calculate the differences because they are the same field and a datediff(Min([Order Date]), Max[Order Date[)) doesn't seem to work given I can't specify which category/package it is?


      Sadly I've been working with WEBI a lot lately so I keep thinking if only there were some sort of function like Date Diff (Max(Order Date) Where Category = "Appointment") , Min(Order Date) Where Category = "Service))


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!