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    Question about action filter


      I have data in below format.



      MQW2013-Q1Lost Significant0



      One first view i am trying to show something like this with an action filter



      Lost Significant1


      When clicked on the number it should refresh another view which gives me data for those customer for all the quarters ( even if data does not exist for the quarters) as follows.




      Appreciate if  someone can help me with this?


      Attaching the worksheet below, I got most of it working but it filters on quarter and only shows me values for 2012-Q4

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          malisah fay

          In the viz there is Triangle toggle where you can click and it listed several options. Click on Use as Filter. And go to the top bar and select Dashboard. Choose Action. This is where you go when you want your viz to interact with the second table. Click on Add Action, and you have to choose your table that you need to direct, and which table as a target. and click on single selection display, and click ok. 

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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Ashish,


            The way that the data is set up does not allow for all of the quarters to be shown for each company because there is no data for each company. I would recommend going back to the Excel sheet and adding 0's or other data.


            Hope this helps!



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              Joe Mako

              There are few options to achieve the results and interaction you are looking for here in Tableau, and no need to modify your data source beyond using custom SQL, and using an extract could be good in this case.


              Attached is just one option. If this does not work for your constraints, other routes are available.


              This route:

              - uses two parameters to set the the domain instead of the secondary sheet you had in your Excel file

              - connects to your data sheet twice, as two separate data connections, one as the original table, and another with custom SQL with an appended copy, using a UNION ALL on itself.

              - the appended copy and parameters enable a calculated field that enables the Show Missing Values that performs data densification to add all quarters between the selected parameters.

              - a data blend then brings in the aggregated values.

              - a custom filter action is used to filter between the two data sources


              So we are using the self appended data source as a kind of scaffold to enable the filtering and data densification desired.

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                Thankyou so much for you help !! This works.