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    Honoring the best ...

    Shawn Wallwork

      In case you didn't hear, the Tableau IPO seems to have gone very well. Congrats to all major stakeholders! You deserve your richest, honestly. You've created an excellent product worthy of wide-distribution. And you should be both proud and well-rewarded!


      This post is to celebrate the contributions our forums made to your successful. There are so many forum folks who should be acknowledged.These people selflessly donated their time and knowledge to help make these forums (and your software) shine. I have to believe that this helped position Tableau as a stand-out in the IPO market. I know you are about to entering the typical phase 2 of a start-up's development; but can we please take a brief, collective moment to acknowledge the people who helped make these forums, and your software (and your IPO) so successful!




      [This is totally embarrassing. I forgot about one of my forum friends who has taught me the most: Alex, please forgive.]

      My personal forum honorees are:



      Alex Kerin

      Joe Mako

      Richard Leeke

      Russell Christopher (Tableau)

      James Baker (Tableau)

      Robert Morton (Tableau)


      Their contributions to the forums helped me master (or at least understand) the intricacies of Tableau. Thank you all!




      PS: If I were allowed a 6th, Jonathan or Dimitri would be it.


      Who are your Tableau forum teachers/honorees?

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          Alex Kerin

          Mine would also definitely be some of our newer members who have really been out there helping - Brad, Josh immediately come to mind.

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            Richard Leeke

            And of course Shawn's contribution to making the forums a thriving community has been immense. Great to see you back after your sabbatical, Shawn.


            And great to see the growing list of regular contributors...

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              Bruce Segal

              Hey Folks:


              Just want to publicly thank community members:

              • Joe Mako;
              • Andy Kriebel
              • Mike Christani

              for all the help they've provided - in the forum and off-line - to share some of the nuances of Tableau from when I first started using it around ver 4.1 to ver 8. I've also lurked through many of their posts taking notes and learning more and using many of their teachings.


              And a tip of the hat to

              1. Jonathan Drummey: I've also been lurking through many of his posts to learn more about Tableau and have adopted several of his practices as a result. Go blue to orange color scales in lieu of red to green. And love that calc and workbook showing how to make Pareto graph w/ a variable 80% parameter and an automatically calculating and variable "20%" intercept line.


              As a result, I do my best to "pass it forward" and share my knowledge w/ other Tableau users.

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                Chris Turnbull

                I would certainly add my tuppence halfpenny worth of praise on Richard and Jonathan who have helped me enormously in what I am trying to achieve. 


                Richard for setting me on my way with a lot of techniques and help with setting up my School Analysis systems.  A lot of which I will never understand.


                Jonathan for that fantastic Workbook that shows a lot of techniques to Colorise Grids.  It has been invaluable.


                A big thank you to you guys, I really do appreciate it immensely.


                Also a big thank you to all who have helped and responded to silly questions.